The paradox of existential isolation

Invisibility is considered a superpower said, someone who hasn’t lived feeling invisible to the world. Existential isolation is a harrowing and profoundly self-destructive experience, where you feel disconnected and invisible to the social world. What makes this existential concept utterly soul-destroying is, the problem is outlined in indelible ink. After two decades of meticulous listening toContinue reading “The paradox of existential isolation”

The story of the Chinese farmer

 In the dance we call life, some things appear too good and some things that appear bad. We look at something that is occurring at the moment, take a snapshot of it, and we make a judgment, but everything is in flow, so what seems to be good, might not be good in the end, and vice versa.  A storyContinue reading “The story of the Chinese farmer”

A hypnotic Mp3 for ultimate peace

Stressed? Take 30 minutes out of your day and relax deeply realign your thoughts and feelings. Experience pure bliss, we all need a little bit of bliss in our lives. A professionally produced and free Hypnosis  MP3 to help restore your self esteem. Alexia x