I conclude we’re pretty fucked up!

A strategy I used for survival in the past was “Zip your mouth up, Lex and do not challenge others”. I often think differently to the herd and I am comfortable with that. Yet for years I nodded my head, smiled sweetly, agreed and adapted into ‘others’ worlds, for a quiet life. I was afraidContinue reading “I conclude we’re pretty fucked up!”

What can hardship teach us?

We have all encountered hardship, and uncertainty. We know difficulty is part and parcel of being human. When these existential truths knock on our door, we squeal, blame others and run for the hills armed with toilet roll, it appears. We are yearning to nestle back into the cosy religion of “comfort”,  follow the herdContinue reading “What can hardship teach us?”

Want to reclaim your personal power?

It’s your unique magic and the only person who can access and channel that power is you. Personal power is a simple perspective that works one you understand it and pay attention to managing it.  And guess what? It’s free!  Free power, ha! No-one can sell personal power to you and its out outside of you, therefore others can’t give it to you either.

The paradox of existential isolation

Invisibility is considered a superpower said, someone who hasn’t lived feeling invisible to the world. Existential isolation is a harrowing and profoundly self-destructive experience, where you feel disconnected and invisible to the social world. What makes this existential concept utterly soul-destroying is, the problem is outlined in indelible ink. After two decades of meticulous listening toContinue reading “The paradox of existential isolation”

Is it God’s fault?

We’ve all spat our disappointment to God at some point. “How can God exist when children are dying, people are starving across the globe, and wars are ever-present?” etc. etc…. What’s going on?  I reckon God’s done a remarkable job. This universe is really impressive and consciousness well, I couldn’t dream that up. For clarity,Continue reading “Is it God’s fault?”