I conclude we’re pretty fucked up!

A strategy I used for survival in the past was “Zip your mouth up, Lex and do not challenge others”. I often think differently to the herd and I am comfortable with that. Yet for years I nodded my head, smiled sweetly, agreed and adapted into ‘others’ worlds, for a quiet life.

I was afraid to speak for various reasons:

  1. I did not want to offend others by thinking differently to them.
  2. I was also afraid of being called stupid, which I heard many times.

Later in life, I kept ‘zipped’ to avoid getting a smack in the mouth. I live in peace now and no one shames me for having a different opinion or hits me for saying something different. I’m fortunate, no one hassles me.

What I write here is likely to piss people off, it is not my intention. Reactive mocking towards those who do not agree with us is the norm and it is concerning when it’s carried out by those we consider intelligent. The keyword in social media this week has been ‘stupid’. I have got to hand it to you, Donald Trump. You are an influencer for sure.

I’m metaphorically nailing myself to the cross here. Please, feel free to whip me if you wish, I will bend over if you ask politely.

To be clear, I’m taking Coronavirus seriously. I have self-isolated with a modest amount of food and loo roll. In truth, isolation hasn’t been a challenge for me so far. I avoid people out of the context of work, for sanity. I don’t have small children at home and have a garden to access fresh air, I can’t complain.

I’m in consideration for the poor fuckers living in poor cramped housing and the vulnerable souls trapped knee-deep in domestic abuse. Bearing in the mind the widening hole of poverty in society, alongside the mainstream knowledge that thousands of homeless human beings die on the streets every year, what do we do? Not much at all. We throw ‘em a few quid, take a picture for social media and revel in the love hearts. This situation shows us that, when we want to make a change, we can. If we really give a shit. Maybe this is a seed for societal change.

It’s saddened me to observe the cruelty spewed towards each other, for not sharing the same political opinion. I’m sure many people do not understand the severity of the situation. Yet weirdly this situation has brought many of us closer to the people we’ve ignored: the homeless human beings.

It is difficult to understand why someone would buy 100’s of rolls of toilet roll or ignore government advice when it seems so clear to us that selfish behaviour during a crisis leads to disaster. I understand the fear and anger to those flaunting around markets and parks oblivious to the severity of the virus to society.

I believe overall people are inherently good and people act in ways that do not serve society, I wonder what motivates them? Instead of scolding their skin with shame.

I was in my early 20s when 911 happened. I vaguely recall the shock within society, I was oblivious. I had nothing and lived in a war zone. What was happening outside of my home, made no difference to me. I didn’t give a shit because society was shit to me.

It’s likely I would have carried on wandering around with my children oblivious to the danger, I was disconnected from you all. If you scalded me, I would have probably spat in your face. Why? Society had abandoned me. Back then, life 100% shit. I suspect some of you can relate to this nihilism. Alongside my venom towards society, I held a silly belief, crafted from various life experiences, that I was “invincible”. The combination was dangerous and naive.

I suspect many of the people who’ve ignored the new rules for social isolation are desperate, they might be suffering from mental health issues, possibly suicidal, in disbelief, or wounded by society and carrying “I don’t give a fuck” as a protective shield.

The hypocrisy troubles me. It was only a few weeks ago,  social media warriors were furiously posting copied and pasted status’s screaming, BE KIND! That kindness had a short time on social media’s stage when fear tapped on the stage door. Fear hijacked the show and kindness ran faster than the virus.

On the flip side, the do’ers are doing and probably being shamed by the pointy finger crew, for buying several bags of rice. if only  ‘pointy fingered’  enquired instead of assuming.

The celebration of the NHS last night was beautiful, I love stuff like this and cry with joy towards collective kindness. Yet I felt a strange discomfort towards the clapping of hands, I wondered what was being communicated here? Are we celebrating a government that allows hard-working genuine people to work, unprotected, with unsafe staffing levels, earning shit money, are we clapping for that?

I know society’s intention was towards the brilliant NHS staff, but they deserve more than a fucking clap, they deserve a pay increase and better working conditions.

Was our collective clapping metaphorically putting health workers arms up their backs with the subtle message, ‘it’s down to guys, save us’!! Cough, Carry on regardless, chaps.

Why didn’t we shout from our windows asking for the NHS to be protected, while dealing with a highly infectious virus and potential mass death?

The fickleness of society will quickly shelf the NHS back on the shit pile. We will collectively creep back into a cosy state of comfort, snorting materialism, judging and pointing our fingers at others for their differences. Give it a couple of months we will be back to moaning how shit it is to get a GP appointment.

I’ve lived hand to mouth and had many times without toilet roll and luxury items. I didn’t realise my past life in poverty would give me resilience in the future.

I genuinely hope this passes quickly for us all, I am sorry for those suffering and sorry for the many who have died and those left behind.

I’m sorry for those who haven’t lived without. comfort and security, I know you’re dealing with the fear of losing everything you know and facing nothingness. That’s probably quite scary if you haven’t felt it before but trust me calling people stupid is unlikely to stop that.

  • ●  I hope we develop deeper compassion and wiser understanding of others.
  • ●  I hope we become curious about each other’s worldviews.
  • ●  I hope we develop a sense of unity instead of duality.
  • ●  I hope we learn to be kinder and more considerate
  • ●  I hope we find a way to rethink of values collectively.

Is this an invitation to reconsider our warrior driven need to rescue the planet and everything within it? Maybe our need to master everything is getting out of hand.

  • People are living longer than before, thanks to medicine,
  •  People are having children who wouldn’t have been able too, thanks to medicine.
  •  People are surviving life-threatening illness’s, thanks to medicine.

I keep wondering if our well-intended need to save everything is screwing up the balance, of an intricate process we really do not understand?

I’m seriously considering what I’m doing here, are you?


Alexia x













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