What can hardship teach us?

We have all encountered hardship, and uncertainty.

We know difficulty is part and parcel of being human.

When these existential truths knock on our door, we squeal, blame others and run for the hills armed with toilet roll, it appears.

We are yearning to nestle back into the cosy religion of “comfort”,  follow the herd and bath in our routines and order.

The illusion of uncertainly has been lifted and now we are truly living in the moment.

We will emerge from this shakeup, stronger kinder and wiser.

Life is uncertain, it always has been.

From the moment you were born, you learnt to deal with certainty. Tap into that wisdom. tune into your experiences, of resilience.

This is temporary, everything passes and each day we are getting closer to healing and renewal.

Lots of love

Alexia X

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