The fool’s trip to enlightening freedom


 We often relate to life as a journey. And fortunately, there are unlimited books, courses and experts offering sage-like help on our path to inner peace.  It doesn’t matter what path brought you to this point, you survived.  High five to you, brother-sister!!- You have got this far in life and therefore earned a place on the stage.


  • Do you have unshared stories hiding within you?
  • Are you uncertain about what to do next?


I feel a sense of sadness considering how many unheard heroes have curled up in their cave thinking this is it? Ok, I’ll stay here and be safe.


“Along your pathway of life, you will observe that you are not the only traveller. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save” Thomas Monson


Get out of your cave and face yourself and the experiences that lived in body wisdom.


This invitation is a well-considered experimental journey, open to people with some clowning experience, or those who have worked with me.  Drop me a line to enquire to express your interested in joining a group of creative beauties on this 8-month journey, crack on, places are limited to 10.


My recent daydreams have been dedicated to conjuring a process of embodied play that exposes profound authentic wisdom, deeper expression and humility.  Four years ago, I fell into the bizarre world of clowning, and a lifetime of vulnerability, shame and shyness were seduced by this ridiculous transgressive creative play. My heart purred and I was immediately inspired.


The simplicity has so far been profoundly powerful, liberating, and beyond words. My fascination for beyond words experiences demanded me to put on my boots and explore this landscape with wide eyes and an open heart.


Each time I explore this magical disregarded space; confirmed I had to take others with me. Which led me to embark on a 2-year clowning facilitators course with the brilliant world-renown Vivian Gladwell. Running workshops is, a sensible requisite for my training.


Without a background in theatre or drama, I wondered how I could approach this?  A year of beard scratching brought the realisation, I should draw upon my extensive experience as a Therapist, realising this provides a safe foundation to build a unique and transformative journey.


Location: The space to breathe….

Time: 1pm-5pm.

Costs:  I am keeping this to a minimum of £10 each month, to cover room costs and the purchase of props. Full payment £80 is required to secure your place.  It is important you attend every meeting, if you feel flaky then I’ll give you a friendly Toodle pip, as serious commitment is required for you and your fellow explorers.


22nd Feb

21st March

25th April

16th May

20th July

18th July

22nd Aug

19th Sept


To be clear, this isn’t group therapy, or strictly ‘clowning’, despite clown philosophy being a strong foundation. This doesn’t mean the process won’t be therapeutic and transformative; it undoubtedly will be, alongside being very silly and humbling.


Over the eight months, we will activate and explore 12 archetypes through embodied improv-clown play. I aspire collectively to discover deeper layers to our humanness without thinking, conscious control or logic.


Be warned- profound changes will take place for you, and all I can say, it’s weird, it’s beautifully weird.  You learn to stop thinking, controlling and fall into trust with your innate wisdom. And boom, what you discover sitting within you, is mind-blowing and sometimes disturbing ha.


Clowning is more than a physical art form, it opens us to divine support, similar to a plant drawing nutrient from the earth.  The overall aim of this series of workshops is to collectively embark on a brave journey to open up what society, education and culture have shut down.

During this process, you will stumble across many opportunities showing you the way back home, to who you really are.


The simplicity of this work will show you how to you trust yourself and transform vulnerability into a sword, that positively affects others.

Expected- intended Outcomes

  • Confidence improved
  • Playfulness released
  • Physicality opened up
  • Understanding of 12 archetypes.
  • Permission to be and express a fuller spectrum of yourself
  • A greater understanding of the art of creating magic
  • Improvisation skills and confidence increased
  • Increased authenticity
  • Increased trust in spontaneity, being in the moment
  • Increased understanding of laughter creation and management
  • How to deal with ‘failure.’
  • Increased responsiveness – learning to trust impulses



Alexia x



This series of workshop is fully booked. If you are interested, email me and I’ll add you to the waiting list. X

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